Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My cousin-in-law Amber introduced me to this website via her blog and I've become a big fan. It's a great way to practice your vocabulary, geography, and foreign language and all the while helping out the rice donation.

Help end world hunger

I've enjoyed it so much that I want to share it with y'all!

Random Comments - Ketchup Packet Art

So I ordered a sandwich and fries for lunch today. I grabbed some ketchup packets to go with my fries and while I was eating my fries and spreading my ketchup all over them I found myself looking at the empty packets on the side of my plate and then it hit me...people get paid for making the Picasso-like pictures on the ketchup packets...it's someones JOB. I know...no big deal, however how cool is that!?

"so what do you do for a living?"

"oh me? I design the pictures on the ketchup packets."

Random I know, but I had to share :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Glamorous Ladies Appreciation Dinner

They decided to rename the SAD (Sister Appreciation Dinner) or the WAD (Woman Appreciation Dinner) to the GLAD, but everything else was basically the same.

We got to dress up...

and the boys made us dinner...

The boys were good sports about it

After we dressed down and went to Reed's and Brian's house for games. I ditched them to go over to Tim's house to watch the BYU football game.

How do you like that! A formal dinner and a football game all in one night!

The Field of Screams

So I have some crazy friends...namely my roommate Cat and my friend Reed. They decided that it would be a grand idea to go up to Onley Maryland for the Field of Screams. We, Cat, Reed, Brian, Sundee and I went to the Corn Maze of Mayhem. We wandered around for a long while, and ended up throwing corn at each other. After the Corn Maze we went on the hunted hayride. At first it seemed really lame! But after a while it got better and Cat found a new boyfriend and Sundee was making a few too many friends!

The Corn Maze

now you may notice that I don't have a picture of Reed in the corn maze and that my friends is because we lost him, or he lost us, depending on how you look at it. Either way we spent about 30 minutes 'looking' for Reed...as the pictures show we looked real hard! We found some people looking for Nick. Apparently Nick looks a little like Brian since every time they saw Brian they thought he was Nick. We also found a guy and girl 'talking about plants...' or at least that what he told us when we apologized for interrupting their moment.

While we were waiting in line for the hayride "The Joker" came to visit us...

Can everyone tell how excited Cat is?

And we tried to take some pictures of all of us. Every time we gave the camera to the girl in front of us in line, it would die, finally I took some, but the first time I cut Cat out...

after a little rearranging it was Take two

Good times had by all....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Comments - Chuck

Not so long ago, my roommate Jess introduced us to Chuck. Shortly after that the first season of Chuck was on sale at Borders and I bought it. Originally I bought it to give to Jess for her birthday, since she raved about the show so much...and it will still probably end up at a present of some kind, however before that we had to watch the whole thing and now we are addicted to Chuck. I haven't had many shows that I've looked forward to watching every week. So here's to Chuck the geeky almost spy we've grown to know and love...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She's Almost Done!!!

So my roommie Melanie is enrolled in a masters program in Military history from Norwich University and she's almost done. She turned in her last paper and portfolio on Saturday night, now all she has to do (I say all as if it's a small thing, but I guess in comparison to everything else she had to do, this isn't much) is finish her thesis! She's so cool!

Now you see, Mel is doing her thesis on intelligence in the battle of Midway and likes to tell me about her research and share little tidbits of information. I credit my random dream of being a member of a crew trying to save a sinking ship while being under attacked to her involuntary information sharing.

Join me in giving a shout out to Melanie Grant and all her coolness in surviving a master's program!

Congratulations Mel!