Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amy's Birthday Week - Day One :)

Yes, we celebrate not just birthdays, but birthday weeks (or months if you're feeling kind of ambitious.)  It's a big birthday for me this year and all my sisters (plus an adopted sister of sorts in the form of my college roommate Valory) are all coming out to help me CELEBRATE!

Becky and Sarah arrived late Sunday night.

Monday morning was day one of my birthday week celebration :)

We spent the morning paying dress-up Barbie with Becky as Barbie.  She's taking some of my clothes that don't fit properly any more (Mel made me buy new clothes...)

After that fun adventure we headed down the DC for a quick tour of the Tidal Basin side monuments/memorials (Jefferson, FDR and George Mason)

By the Potomac on our way to the FDR memorial

I LOVE my sisters -  They are very silly.  I come by it honestly, just ask my folks.

Look for the continuing adventures of the Durtschi sisters in future posts...


My roommate Ellen got married a month ago (I know...a little slow in getting this post up :)).  Mel graciously offered to do her hair.  This necessitated practicing before the big day.  We figured if Mel was going to go through all the trouble of doing Ellen's hair we should at least take some bridals.

From the first go around (we got a late start and didn't have the best light outside and I'm not so cool as to actually know what to do with my camera to compensate) 

The second go around.

There's a little bridge on the way to church we drive by weekly and I always thought it would be a nice place to take pictures so we headed there.

 There was a little trouble with the veil staying in :)

Ellen was honked at (apparenlty seeing a bride in all her appearal is exciting :P)