Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Party 1989 Style

We have declared ourselves the Party Palace Jr. and initiated our new house with a fun Thanksgiving party. My roommate Cat was so excited! Jumping off the wall excited. We went all out!. Cat did most of the work and directed me. We had so much fun. And lots and lots of Food! I mean what would be a Thanksgiving Party without food. We all were supposed to be Indians and Pilgrims like we did in elementary school. Not politically correct, but we meant no offence to anyone. We had a grand time. Making gum drop turkeys, eating and listening to a concert from our own Melissa.

Making our head wear.
Showing off our head wear....aren't we cute?!

Our lone Pilgrim...the rest of us decided it was easier to make headbands with feathers...
Making gumdrop turkeys
Turned out well, don't you think?
All the Food! I told you there was a lot.

Mingling and Eating....yum

and....explaining the map?

Concert time...

Stay posted for updates on other happenings at Party Palace Jr.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Remembrance Day - Gettysburg

My friend Melanie is completing a masters degree through Norwich University in Vermont via the Internet. Norwich is an old military school, with an interesting history. Several of it's graduates fought in the Civil War. Some of them died at Gettysburg. Each year on the Saturday closest to November 19th, the day of the Gettysburg address and the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, the small town of Gettysburg is filled beyond capacity as people gather for the Remembrance Day celebration. Norwich alumni and students participate in the celebration by placing flags on all of the Vermont soldier's graves and to help put out candles for the luminaries later in the evening. Mel got to participate this year and I got to go with her.

Mel after she placed the Vermont State and the United State's Flag on the graves.

One of the coolest aspects of the whole day was the shear number of people dressed in period cloths. The reenactors were out in full force. Even Greg, the alumni in charge of the Norwich part of the day was dressed as Union Lieutenant. Part of the days activities was a long parade of reenactors. It was so awesome to see. Here are few of the Parade pictures we took.

The men in the red pants ( if I remember correctly) are Sharp shooters

Even a few Confederates came out. It was interesting to see the dynamics between the 'North' and the 'South.' I heard several people talk about old grievances between the two and comment on the fact that Remembrance Day was a Union celebration and they were being kind enough to allow the Confederates participate. Very interesting.

The flags in the cemetery
Next year we are going to take more people with us. Everyone ought to experience at least one Rememberance Day in Gettysburg

Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

Our institute Group went to the temple to help up put up some light for Christmas. I and others from the ward ended up on "temporary" Christmas Tree duty. It was quite the adventure. I never knew it was so hard to put lights on a tree, but they wanted lights on every branch and then some. The effect was stunning. These new LCD lights are bright!
Go Reed go! Wrap those branches in those lights.
Look that that! Especially in comparison to this pink

True Blue through and Through - BYUer's putting up the blue

And our Utes with the appropriate!

Robbie's obviously having a good time :)
Afterwards we had lunch and headed home. Overall it was a lot of interesting fun. Even if Reed got shhhisted. :O)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Times of Change

Well, my roommate Julie moved out last Saturday and most of what we had in the house belonged to her. Needless to say we are re-furnishing. It has been an adventure. The first problem was trying to find out what we want. Sometimes we would find the perfect couch or chair or whatever, but the price wouldn't be right. Or even if the price was right, someone took it before we could get it. In the end however we found furniture that fit the house as well as the price range...for about $700 we completely re-furnished our townhouse and I love it!

The awesome art and wall hangings are courtesy of our roommates Melissa and Jessica (the amp in the corner is Melissa's. She's a rocking musician and has mini-concerts in our living room. How cool is that!?)

This is an show off of our new pad as well as a shout out to those who helped us particularly Kasey and Darin who in the pouring rain when with us to Springfield to get our table, couch and chair. I bet they had no idea what they were in for. Thanks guys. And also to Mel...our interior decorator and Reed who showed up when ever we need him and brought some tools with him. And lets not forget my co-work Kara who lent us her wouldn't have worked without it. It was a successful adventure!
Good times!