Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter Wonder Land

Shortly before Christmas Reed and Bronwyn decided to have a gingerbread house making contest for FHE. One of their better ideas, I must say. It was a fantastic success. Good times and Fun had by all and the gingerbread (gram cracker) houses were not the only things decorated....

The Judges (minus Reed)
Oh look the other JudgeSay 'hi!'

Some of the creations

And the Participants hard at work...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Home!

So this year Becky and I decided to play Santa. We've been playing Santa for several years but this time we went even farther. We actually went shopping for, in addition to wrapping the gifts.

Becky decorated the tree this year and being the Beck and Amy that we are we didn't put any of the gifts out until Christmas eve after everyone went to it really seemed like Santa visited.



We have a tradition in our family that each person, youngest to oldest, or oldest to youngest once we got old enough to be patient, takes turns opening their gifts so all can watch and take pictures.

Here's my mom...I love technology. YAY for Digital cameras!!!

We got some of the best expressions...

I'm just cheesy...

And Becky just likes to pretend she surprised...since she knew what most of her gifts were before she opened them.

The batteries on her camera died...

A few more opening gifts shots

Merry Christmas!