Thursday, February 2, 2012

Melanie's Birthday


I realized that Melanie's birthday was over 6 months ago, but better late then never with posting birthday posts.  We'll pretend it's for her 1/2 birthday!

The Gift opening

and in true Melanie fashion, a birthday would not be complete without a war movie of one kind or the other.

and chocolates (which sadly some ants got into before she could enjoy them... very very sad)

We were a little premature in making her wear "The Hat." since her 'special' birthday isn't until next year, but don't will make another appearance then!  (6 month's baby!)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby sister getting MARRIED

Sarah stayed with me for Christmas and brought her then boyfriend, Daniel with her.  We all knew (or at least assumed) that the reason Daniel came with Sarah was to ask my dad permission to propose to Sarah.  That assumption was confirmed when Daniel showed my roommates the ring... Notice I didn't get to see it. 
My roommates told when they left for their various locations for Christmas that I HAD to be sure to get pictures of the proposal.  I followed Sarah and Daniel around with my camera for days!  waiting and waiting...

I also fielded several texts, emails and phone calls from various members of my family asking if it had happened yet...

Finally we decided to take matter into our own hands and arranged for my dad and Daniel to be alone, while Mom, Sarah and I went to try on clothes...

They talked and talked and talked...

Finally Dad came up and asked my mom "8 cows or 9."  at which point Sarah turned red and giggle...

Sarah was already in her PJs so I made her change (cuz I was still following them around this my camera and I figured she didn't want this occasion to be memorialized with her in PJs.
We went downstairs and .....  waited.... waited and waited...

Apparently Sarah leaned over to Daniel and said "I think they are waiting on you." at which point he pretend like he was going to go to bed and stood up because of 'crmap' in his leg and finally pulled out the ring and proposed...

All that waiting and stalking  with my camera paid off!

There was a lot of giggling going on... and it was not just Sarah.  I guess having an audience with a camera while you're proposing can be disconcerting :)

This is my favorite picture of Sarah.  She's so red and so cute.  

Congratulations Sarah! I'm SO happy for you!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The YSA had their annual Luau on July 9th and know what was the best part ever!? Valory and Julie were both visiting and were able to go with me.
we ate some food

played some badminton

Valory and Julie did some dancing...

they are hard to keep under control sometimes

Emma joined up in posing for the camera - I love the crazy things I can make people do for a camera...

Sittin' the dock of the bay...

this was my I'm playing with my camera and Emma is a willing subject.  She's so cute
I love spending time with Valory and Jules and other friends!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mount Vernon

My most wonderful college roommates came to visit.  Being the tourists we are we went to Mount Vernon

Either due to the time of day (8::30 am) or the time of year (the Monday before the 4th of July) there wasn't a line in sight, but we pretended to wait anyway

After our tour of the house we enjoyed some time on the back porch overlooking the Potomac

A posed with the house...

people don't often get me on the other side of the camera so when they do I go a little crazy...

we then wandered around the the Potomac

and through the woods

we got very thirsty along the way....

It was good times for everyone!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

June - Sailing Trip

Annual RS Sailing Trip
We met great friends

we went crabbing

even managed to catch some...

then out on the boat

jumping off and swim around

and then we played on the rope swing
SO much fun!

Sticking out the tongue helps you concentrate

a wet Amy

go Mel, go Mel!

All the girls - look my tongue is sticking out again...

we're so beautiful!

Thank you Bishop Mason and friends for taking us out to play on the water!