Monday, September 24, 2007

Philly, King Tut, and Rocky

The City of Brotherly Love
Me trying to take a picture of the big ships for Mel.

Our "free" trolley ride back to the Museum

Me on the trolley
The "Rocky" stairs. I've never actually seen the movie so it didn't mean as much to me as others. As you can see that the top of the steps there are a few wedding parties.

Liberty Bell. I found it very awe inspiring

Independence Hall behind the the Liberty Bell
National Treasure Anyone?

The huge playing pieces. Sydney was trying to take me for a ride in the Monopoly wheelbarrow

L-O-V-E...Darin and SydneyMe trying to look cute.
The Free Mason's Temple

After going to the Museum we were starving so we grabbed a couple huge pretzels to tie us over until we went to find our Philly Cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak....yummy!

Walk like an Egyptian

My friend Ben

The pendulum Staircase This is a rocking Egyptian outside the museum

Sydney's new car...she was kind enough to drive us to Philly

The King Tut Stairs. I love it!
Reed, Sydney and Darin getting ready to go into the Museum.

On the way to Philly....our driver

Reed and I took the backseat...napping was on the top of our list.

This pictures are for the most part are in reverse order...There will probably be some editing later on, but I wanted to get the pictures up for my family.

Annie's and Mel's Birthday -- take two

Courtesy of Alexis Serote here are a few more pictures from Annie's and Mel's Party. Hopefully Chris Terrill will give Melanie the pictures he took and then we will have even more pictures and I will create another post...the ones Chris has are of Mel being held under the hose by Adam and who wouldn't want to see those :)
Singing Happy Birthday to Annie
Look wet people...evidence of our attempt at a water fight
Singing Happy Birthday to Mel

Stay tune folks for more pictures from the Annie/Mel festivities

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Waiting to see if they would re-start the game.

Once upon a time my boss gave me 4 tickets to the Redskins pre-season game aganist the Balitemore Ravens. I've never been to a Redskins game. I convinced Scott, Mel and Slade they wanted to come with me. Scott was kind enough to offer to drive and thank goodness he did. Traffic as horrible and then a beautiful thounder and lightening strom started. I must rather not drive in traffic and watch the lightening instead. We had a great time despite the rain. However the game ended early...about 10 minutes after half time.

Good times had by all! Even if we got a little wet.


My roommate Janette is getting married and moving to Texas. We decided to go to Gettysburg before she left and on August 25th she had a friend visit...the perfect excuse to go touristing! Janette decided to buy the dramatized audio tour. It consisted of 65 minutes of historical facts mixed with cheesy narration. It was fun...and educational.

This lone headstone, dedicated to one of many companies who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, seem to me to be the essence of a battle field. Battles won and lost at much to high a many lives lost.

It's too beautiful a place to have been the scene of so much bloodshed and destruction.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trip Down River

It's not every day you get to float down the Potomac. Don't worry, for those of you familiar with the Potomac we weren't anywhere near DC, but up by West Virginia (near Harper's Ferry).

We all met at the church to carpool. Look at my cute carpooling buddies. We happily applied some sunblock and then climbed into my little car and took off for places unknown...well we knew where we were going, meaning we had a map and directions, but really we didn't know how to get there. But never fear...we made it. It took a little while to get organized, but soon (meaning after about an hour) they had us on buses, hailing back to our Elementary school days. It so happened that it was our bus drivers birthday that day and as the loaded our tubs on to the trailer behind the bus his co-workers requested a birthday song for our driver. We gave him the most wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday in a way only a bus load of overly hyper young adults could do.
I'm right behind Christian's head...the blond one...blocking the camera. Geez Christian!

At the beginning we resembles a large group of racers at the start of marathon. Some of us just let the river take us as it wanted and others made human chains trying to keep our groups together. I, contrary to precedence, managed to stay with the most of the group I started with. All the other times I've floated down a river I ended up getting suck in a ebbs of the river and left behind. It only happened once this trip...I don't know I manage to find the only non-moving area of the whole river, but I did.

John - I'm not sure if he's trying to get into his tub or if he's trying to be like Mike Merrill and stand on his tub.Apparently John made it into his tub :0) trying to stay with my group. I think I was grabbing Melanie's foot

Jennie's so cute! Jennie and I go way back to my BYU days. She was on of my girls when I was an RA my sophomore year. It's fun having her in the ward.

Alexis, Jennie, and Bekah. Alexis has this amazing water resistant camera and bravely took it with her. So all these pictures, except the first one, are courtesy of Alexis. Thanks Alexis!
Darin looks like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar.
If you ever want to have a relaxing activity just find a few tubs and some awesome friends and go floating down the river. It was beautiful!