Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July - West Falls Church Metro Style

After Reed's little birthday celebration we headed over to West Falls Church Metro stop to the top of the parking garage for some firewroks. 

I had great anticipations of taking some AWESOME pictures with my fun new camera....

But instead...

my battery died!  Sad story huh?

These are the few picture I managed before it's death.

Playing card games waiting for the fireworks to start
We had a lady sitting next of us take a picture of our whole group (Joe, Me, Mel and Reed) but the lighting was bad and the settings wrong and it didn't turn out.

The 'distant' fireworks :)  We could see fireworks for several cities from the parking garage.

Next year I'm going to get some cool shots.

It was an odd Fourth of July for me, being a Sunday and all and having commitments we didn't go into the city.  Different from previous years, but I really enjoyed the firework show the put on by the school near West Falls Church metro.  Getting out the parking garage was a little crazy, but we were just patient and played Go-Fish while we waited.

Reed's 30th Birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY REEDY!

Happy Birthday Reed!

(We found the perfect hat for Reed)

We celebrated Reed's brithday BBQ style!  FUN!!!
(someone else obviously had the camera at this point...Thanks for taking pictures Joe!  I don't usually have my picture taken since I'm usually the one with the camera... Not sure how I feel about it...)

There were several remarks about the number of candles....
See Reed's angery-fist-shaking face?

There were so many candles that Reed had a hard time blowing them all out...
I wonder if my renter's insurance covers fire?